A sport consists of a normal physical activity or skill carried out under a publicly agreed set of rules, and with a recreational purpose: for competition, for self-enjoyment, to attain excellence, for the development of skill, orsome combination of these. The difference of purpose is what characterises sport, combined with the notion of individual (or team) skill or prowess.Sport is a major area of human interest and activity. A large part of our leisure and media coverage is given over to it.

Sports involve competitions and use such physical capabilities as strength, stamina, speed, balance, and dexterity.

The line between sports, games, exercise and play is certainly not clear; games are often redefined as sports when they involve particularly skilled participants, which gives them appeal to non-participants. This is especially true in the modern age, which gives much weight to the spectator aspect of sports. Similarly, play is usually understood as less purposeful activity, but can become more like a game or sport as it conforms more to external rules or patterns of behaviour. Exercise is action to develop skill or ability, and may be a forerunner of both sport and games.

Sports Item List
1Volley Ball2
2Foot Ball2
3Ball Badminton4
4Volley Ball Net1
5Cricket Set1
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